So what happens to the shoes I collect?

We try to use every pair of shoes that you send us, but keep in mind we can't really use shoes that don't fit our criteria.  Click here for a list of what we take and don't take.  

 Shoe Fly provides shoes to kids in poverty-stricken urban cities like Ferguson, Missouri.

Shoe Fly provides shoes to kids in poverty-stricken urban cities like Ferguson, Missouri.

Once we get your shoes, we divide them into two major categories.  The very best mens and boys name brand athletic shoes and sneakers will be donated to a charity called Shoe Fly.  This charity was set up to provide great condition, popular shoes to inner city kids in St. Louis, Missouri.  The shoes will be given directly to select kids in rough parts of town, or in some cases, will be given to police departments in Ferguson and surrounding towns.  The police officers will then give the shoes away for free to deserving young men.  This gesture may help diffuse the police/citizen tension that exists in some of these areas.

The rest of the shoes will be sold to small business men and women in Ghana, Haiti, Belize and Kenya.  These micro-entrepreneurs buy the shoes from us.  They then sort, clean and distribute the shoes, creating needed jobs.  The shoes are ultimately sold to their grateful customers, who would rather buy good used shoes from America than the cheap, poorly-made new shoes that is available locally. 

Yes, you raise money by collecting shoes, but you are also helping so many others in inner cities and around the world.

Secondhand shoes imported to Africa help sustainable business and boost the economy, creating jobs and supplying the community with inexpensive shoes.

This man makes his living selling donated shoes at the Gikomba Open-Air Market in Kenya.

A young man in Nairobi receives a gently used pair of American shoes.

A Kenyan shoe vendor hard at work.

Click here for more information about how donating textiles to be sent to Africa creates jobs and helps the economy.